Interior Scene III

Hi, this image is part of my latest work, a interior corner with the chair Husk, the 3D model is not mine, is from DesignConnected. I also tapped to put in the scene my last model, the Rendl Rossy lamp.

Hope you like it !

Soft: 3dsmax2014, Maxwell Render and AE

Pebbles with procedurals of Maxwell Render

Lately I’ve been testing the new procedural maps of the new Maxwell Render V3. Some time ago I did some pebbles to test the procedural maps of the 3dsmax and I was pleasantly satisfied. This time I wanted to apply the knowledge given by tests made, to make again, the procedurals pebbles, in this case obviously with new maxwell render v3 procedurals maps. Continue Reading →

Rendl Rossy Lamp

Hi to everyone, this is my last personal work, it is the Rossy Lamp of Rendl Light Studio, I decided to make this type of object to test advanced metals, playing with dirt and scratched maps and studio lighting.

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Interior Scene II

Hi to all, after presenting the chair U431 last week, in a set of photography, the next step was to test it in an interior scene. However, I also wanted to make the scene to make my first tests with the Marvelous Designer, with a fabric in the ground. Hope you like it!

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U 431 chair


Hi all, after a while without posting anything…, for work reasons, I would like to show you my latest work, is the chair U-431, designed for Jens Risom, this work was done with 3ds max, Zbrush and Maxwell Render.

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Interior scene

Hi again, here is my last personal work, it’s a interior scene with a modern painting and a Continental sofa, i made this scene to test the lighting on objects as sofas, stools, chairs and similars. Continue Reading →


Hi, a few days ago, i saw a image of a lightbulb that i’m really liked and i decided to model it. The model is the Plumen LightBulb, a very orignal bulb and really very nice. Here are images rendered with Maxwell Render, Continue Reading →

Scatter tutorial with Particle Flow

After a while unpublished, for professional reasons, I have decided to post a tutorial on how to scatter different objects.

This tutorial serves to scatter several elements in a scene, such as grass, trees, rocks, leaves … It has 2 levels, level 1 is the basic particle flow (flat surfaces) and level 2 advanced particle flow (curved surfaces).

We will use the native 3d studio max particle system.

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Grass with Maxwell Render 2.6.10

Lately i’ve been making grass in maxwell render for a personal project… here you have one image, hope you like it.

Vintage Coloured Bottles

After having a problem with the old wordpress template, i decided to change it, i hope you like.
After the experience with glasses made ​​with Maxwell Render, I decided to explore the performance of glass with Maxwell Render. Continue Reading →