Pebbles with procedurals of Maxwell Render

Lately I’ve been testing the new procedural maps of the new Maxwell Render V3. Some time ago I did some pebbles to test the procedural maps of the 3dsmax and I was pleasantly satisfied. This time I wanted to apply the knowledge given by tests made, to make again, the procedurals pebbles, in this case obviously with new maxwell render v3 procedurals maps. 
I think that is an ideal object to do this kind of testing. Well I must say I’m very pleased with the outcome and allow me to explore in great depth all the new maps. I hope you like it.

Soft: Maxwell Render, 3dsmax and AE

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Pebbles with procedurals of Maxwell RenderToni Fresnedo

8 comments on "Pebbles with procedurals of Maxwell Render"

  1. Is this texture downloadable? If it is, I can edit it and make some other textures for you. I would like to use this texture on pebbles in a Japanese garden design.

    How long did those renders take and what size were they (in pixels)?

    • Is not downloadable at the moment, but I want to do a tutorial on it in the next days.
      The rendering time is 30 minutes each image and width 1500px for each one of it.

  2. Muy buen trabajo Toni! en tu linea, no estaría mal que hicieras un pequeño tutorial o pasos que has seguido, que me estoy peleando algo con los procedural materials. Un saludo!

  3. Impresionante trabajo Tony, habia visto tu trabajo anterior con procedural maps y me quede asombrado, no sabia que se podia lograr ese fotorrealismo sin usar bitmaps, ojala mas adelante puedas hacer un tutorial, no solo para usuarios de Maxwell, tus trabajos son de gran calidad, y a mi parecer has dado un avance muy importante en este tiempo, genial el modelo de la lampara, gracias por compartir tu trabajo. Saludos

    • Muchas gracias por tus palabras Hernan Espinosa, con los procedurales se pueden hacer muchos materiales y se obtienen grandes resultados, a mi me gusta mucho trabajar con ellos, el tutroial lo haré en cuanto terminé le proyecto que estoy haciendo en estos momentos.
      Repito muchas gracias por tu comentario, Saludos!

  4. Hi Toni! Absolutley fabulous images! Since a couple of days i am trying out the procedurals materials in Maxwellrender. I do not get anywhere close to your results. Could you give me a hint, of how you achieved it? Keep up the great work!

  5. nice work!
    Would you mind to share the setting of procedural material ?

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