Test with GrowFX

In this days, i have tested GrowFX, it’s a great plugin for a  vegetation creation  with 3D Studio Max, in here i put the result of the tests, 
scene was done with max and vray, hope you liked… i’ll do more some tests with GrowFx….

 Soft: 3dsmax, Vray, GrowFx & PS

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Test with GrowFXToni Fresnedo

7 comments on "Test with GrowFX"

  1. Oi Tony, como você está? Eu sei um pouco seu site, mas o blog era novo … é bom ter um espaço para seus comentários … BBB e XOIO tinha boas notícias sobre GrowFX .. Gostaria de saber mais detalhes sobre o mapeamento das folhas e outras coisas … É muito bonita e parece translúcida .. Continue para postar

    Saudações do Brazil!!!

    • Hi Matheus Passos, for mappping is assigned with GrowFX and for the material of a leaves, is a basic a Vray2Sided material with a composite map for the translucency effect. I leave you a screenshot of the material at the entrance
      Thanks for comment, i hope you like it !


  2. Hi Toni, glad to see your blog and this wonderfull mat. But I can’t see all material setting even in my 26 inch monitor. Could you, please, send this setting jpg to us? Thanks!

  3. Good job. But try to subdivide more these branches and they need to be metameshed. Keep up .

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