Bright Sprout

This is my latest model, it is part of my last personal project. Bright Sprout, the bulb of the Nordic Tales.

As always 3dsmax and Maxwell Render.

Hope you like it!

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Bright SproutToni Fresnedo

3 comments on "Bright Sprout"

  1. Great images Toni. Beautiful lamp and great detail on material & lights.
    Love it.

  2. tammie zech on

    Hello, I am a designer working on a lighting project for my client. I have an artisan who has made a ceiling fixture from parts of wine barrels. The “globes” are made from the metal straps that run around the barrel and are open. Inside is wiring for a bare bulb. I need something to make it look nicer & your bright sprouts may work. Also nice looking bulb suggestions?
    I can be reached at 360.801.3926 My name is Tammie Zech with Zech Interiors & Design
    Thank you!

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