A kitchen

This is my latest work, the kitchen of a loft, made with 3dsmax and Maxwell Render. In this project I have been testing different combinations for lighting the kitchen…finally I use an invisible emitters in the windows jointly with the different channels IBL of Maxwell Render, also in this project, I start to use the RealFlow, in this case, for the tap water.
In terms of rendering time, there is a bit of everything, some images have exceeded 20hours in 3000px and others 8hours is enough.
The final composition of the majority of the images are with the image aspect at 0.4.
The output image has been saved with 32bit and the post-production was done with After Effects,

Hope you like it!

3dsmax, Maxwell Render, Real Flow and After Effects.

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A kitchenToni Fresnedo

3 comments on "A kitchen"

  1. Un trabajo impresionante!!
    ¿Puedo preguntar cuantos MHz utilizaste para las imagenes de 20h?

    Gracias y un saludo


  2. Gracias a tí por responder, me es muy útil, pronto me haré con un 2620 o 2630 y pensaba que se acabarían los tiempos de render tan elevados.
    Ya veo que no ;P pero bueno por lo menos la calidad del resultado lo compensa y supongo que el flujo de trabajo al hacer pruebas de materiales e iluminación se agilizará bastante…

    Un saludo y sigue así, buen trabajo

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