Maxwell Render Sea

I would like to share with you the latest tests I’ve done with Maxwell Render Sea.

Maxwell Studio, Maxwell Render and AE

Hope you like it!

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Maxwell Render SeaToni Fresnedo

8 comments on "Maxwell Render Sea"

  1. Hernan on

    Wow Tony, you say its a test, but it looks like a picture, amazing work

  2. Amazing as always, some tips to achieve that water material toni?

    • Hi Luis, thank you for the comment, the most important things for make a correct water material are, the attenuation distance and Nd value, for the water the correct ND value is 1,33 and attenuation distance depends of your model, you should test different attenuation distances.
      the following screenshots are of my water material and my Maxwell sea settings, I hope you find it useful!

      Ocean Water Material
      Maxwell Sea Settings

  3. This is really, really awesome. Nice images.
    Just one question. How have you done the foam on top of the waves?
    Have you used RealFlow?

  4. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing these amazing information.
    I wonder if you created the hdr’s yourself or is it possible to share where you got them?.

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